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A Call To Action

From the Presidents Desk

A Call to Action

It is an exciting time to be a paddler in Illinois–there are a lot of projects and programs working towards improving paddling in Illinois.  I would like to thank you in advance for taking some of your valuable time and supporting these activities, and others as they come up.  Please feel free to contact me and I will put you in contact with the appropriate people for these projects.

Several communities are looking to improve their waterfront presence, and we have the opportunity to provide input.  Notably there are active projects along the Fox River in St Charles, Carpentersville, and Algonquin.  There is another project on the KanKakee River in Wilmington, IL.

There are active projects for three Illinois Rivers to become recognized as National Water Trails.  There are committees working on the Sangamon River, Kankakee River, and Fox River for this designation.  Additionally there is a active signage project on Banner Marsh in Central IL establishing it as a locally recognized Water Trail

Proposed legislation passed the House and Senate and is awaiting the Signature of our Governor to help improve the Water Usage Stamp by exempting out-of-state paddlers from the Stamp when they participate in paddling events in IL. Our Water Usage Stamp task force will continue to work on promoting incremental improvements of the program.

IPC Programs Remain Active: The River Closure Task Force continues to work with the DNR to address arbitrary river closures based on ‘high water’.  Water TrailKeepers Continues to run cleanups;  Paddlers Patrol continues to provide safety at events. Our Newsletter Committee has been working hard to produce these newsletters, and our web committee has worked hard to update the IPC Website.

For those who have renewed or become new Members this year, Thank YOU! You directly support our continued involvement in these activities and more. If you have not yet become a member for 2015, it is not too late. Memberships now accepted on line:

Tom Eckels

President, Illinois Paddling Council

Program Manager, Illinois Water TrailKeepers



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