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Evanston Photographer Ted Glasoe New Photography Exhibit Explores Health of Lake Michigan

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Chicago (June, 2015) — A new photography exhibit challenges viewers to confront the health of one of Chicago’s greatest natural gems: Lake Michigan.

“Surface Tension: Beauty and Fragility in Lake Michigan,” by photographers Nelson W. Armour and Ted Glasoe, examines the opposing realities of Lake Michigan: a beautiful, vast, life-sustaining natural wonder on one hand, and a body of water under silent siege by pollution and other perils on the other. Invisible to the eye, these threats to the lake — the fifth largest in the world — impact the environment and water supply of millions of people.

The exhibit pairs the artists’ images, juxtaposing the seen with the unseen. Ranging from serene to dramatic, Ted Glasoe’s photographs of Lake Michigan evoke an appreciation for the lake’s beauty and ever-changing moods, textures and colors. In contrast with each is a Nelson W. Armour photograph, which has been altered to unsettle the viewer. Armour’s multilayered images reveal the less apparent forces and traumas that threaten this magnificent natural resource.

Armour notes, “We thought our art was a great way to invite viewers to consider this fundamental disconnect in our lake — and how they might play a role in preserving this precious resource for the future.”

Upcoming Exhibitions of Surface Tension works:

“Beauty and Fragility in Lake Michigan” (partial showing of Surface Tension works)

Health in the Arts Clinic Gallery, UIC campus at 835 S. Wolcott Street, #E144, Chicago. June 12 to August 12, 2015. Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm.


“Shared Creations” (partial showing of Surface Tension works)                                                                                  

Bridgeport Art Center, 1200 West 35th Street, Chicago

August 21 to October 2, 2015. Monday-Saturday 8 am–6 pm, Sundays 8 am–12 pm


“Surface Tension: Beauty and Fragility in Lake Michigan”

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 North Cannon Drive, Chicago

Spring 2017, Monday-Friday 9 am–5 pm, Saturday–Sunday 10 am–5 pm


Want more information or to check out Ted’s other pictures of Lake Michigan, Ted Glasoe, ted@surfacetensionexhibit.com, 847-571-5952

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