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From the Presidents Desk

Please Renew your membership in the IPC

The IPC is a membership based organization whose mission is to advocate for all aspects of paddling throughout the state of IL.  Your membership funds our activities.  Paddling Clubs become members and as a result their members are a Paddling-Club Member of the IPC.  Member-Paddling-Clubs have the ability to appoint a Voice which becomes a liaison between the IPC board and the Paddling Clubs board.   Paddling Club Membership is $30 plus $1 for each club member.

Supporting Membership is for individuals or families that want to support the IPC.  Supporting memberships provide a vote in the annual election of officers for the board.  Individual Membership is $15.

Of course, if you want to make an additional donation, please feel free.  You can either target the donation for a specific activity of the IPC or to our general revenues.

Please Click Here to renew or become a new member:


And the results of the survey are:

Too early to tell.  We need more survey participants.  Please Click Here to take 10 minutes to complete the survey!


See you at Canoecopia—Next Year!

Why not this year?  Staffing a table at Canoecopia is one of our most volunteer intensive events every year.  We need to count on volunteers to help staff the table, prepare literature etc. for the event, setup the table before the event starts early Friday, and take down the table after the event is over after the event is done.  This year the Primary Organizer had a work-conflict with the dates of the show.  There were concerns about finding enough volunteers to cover the requirements.  The decision was made to take a year off from the show.

It isn’t too early to start planning for next year.  CanoCopia 2018.  Please contact me if you want to help out with this, or any other volunteer opportunities at the IPC!


Tom Eckels, President, Illinois Paddling Council






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