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by Don Muggenborg

Illinois has more miles of river to paddle than any other state.  Have you paddled these rivers?  Match the River with the correct definition.  Don’s Answers Will be published in the next newsletter.

1)   Abe’s River                                              A) Chicago River


2)  Where Ralph 1st paddled                           B) North Branch


3)  Named for a Fur Trader                            C) Skokie Lagoons


4)  Think Red                                                  D) Upper Des Plaines


5)   Name makes you want to blush              E) Lower Des Plaines


6)  Savory Creek                                             F) SaltCreek


7)  Furniture                                                   G) DuPage


8)  Newest River Trail                                     H) Kankakee


9)  Eating Utensil                                           I) Fox


10)  Marathon                                                 J) Rock


11)  Carp Fence (my river)                             k) Apple


12)  large stone                                               L) Vermillion


13)  named for a wild onion                           M) Green


14)  state named after it                                  N) Spoon


15)  Frese Trail                                               O) Bureau Creek


16)  small mammal                                         P) Sangamon


17)  dirty (?)                                                   Q) Big Muddy


18)  Discovered by Joliet                               R) Mississippi


19)  flows to eastern border                            S) Little Wabash


20)  named for an Indian Tribe                      T) Kaskaskia, Iroquois, Pecatonica, etc


21)  think grass                                               U) Embarrass (pronounced Ambraw)


22)  Fruit                                                         V) Illinois


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