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Paige Minor is a 16-year old white water kayaker from Illinois, member of CWA and this is what she writes about herself:

“I started paddling when I turned 10 and it’s truly the best thing that has happened to me so far. When I first started I was scared by the smallest ripple and now I’m paddling class 4 confidently.

I have helped aid on many instructional trips within the clubs and other volunteer opportunities like river clean ups or Boy Scout demonstrations and I am now in charge of communications for the club (CWA)

I plan on attending world class kayak academy https://worldclassacademy.com/kayak/home/ next year for 1 semester. I have been working really hard to come up with the tuition fee of $18,000 in order to better my kayaking instruction. I am extremely interested in helping to increase the amount of youths involved in this sport and have even started working on that now. CWA is working closely with the boy scouts in our area to help them earn kayaking badges, I also applied to speak at Canoecopia about youth paddling this year and will be taking the certification class to teach as soon as I turn 18 so I can be even more hands on in the process of teaching more kids to kayak.”

To support Paige’s efforts, she has established a Go-Fund-Me page:


Paige also just received the first Marge Cline Memorial Fund Grant from ACA:


and a special grant from the Sarah Hartman Fund for Paddlesports Education from IPC.

We look forward to Paige’s becoming an expert instructor as soon as she turns 18.

We are starting a new tradition in our newsletter – let us know about a special paddler we can feature in our next issue.

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