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Help Kishwaukee Volunteer group—Your Vote Counts!!!


Paddle the Kish volunteer group has made it to the Final 20 for a $25,000 grant from First National Bank of Omaha Community First Awards for establishing launches and parking lots along the Kishwaukee River in McHenry County.  Currently there is no public access in McHenry County.  The winners are strictly determined by public vote. That means You and everyone in your social media network and email list!!

WE NEED YOUR VOTE EVERY DAY THIS WEEK                                                  

5 TIMES from Monday September 23- Friday September 27

Please use this link to vote once per email address:




Please go to that website every day this week and vote for

Paddle the Kish

  • Please use your social media contacts and email list of everyone you know to help us win this great opportunity. 
  • There are 20 projects in 5 states in the running, but we think we are the best choice, and will serve paddlers, community members and families in Marengo, McHenry County, Boone County and Winnebago County.  River access will benefit kayakers, canoers, tubers, fisherman, stand up paddler boarders. 
  • Help us win with 10,000 votes EVERY DAY FOR 1 WEEK.  That is what it will take. 

Vote every day this week!!      Questions?  Facebook “Paddle the Kish in Marengo” or patlawlor117@gmail.com

WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!!!                                                   THANK YOU!!

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