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Canoe Trivia

Some questions that have popped into my mind while stuck in the house. I ask the questions – give my answer. Think of your answer and share with us.

1. Oddest or strangest paddling or racing experience.

2. Longest paddling experience (time, distance).

3. Most fun or greatest thrill while paddling.

4. River you what to paddle again.

My answers:

1a. Dead Fish Race. Race in Decatur on the Sangamon. In order to have enough water for the race, they closed the dam for a hot night before the race. Race day they opened up the dam and hundreds of dead carp came floating out. We were catching dead carp on the bow of our boat for five miles.

1b. Sangamon All Craft Race. The rules make this interesting. Subtract an hour from the john boats, add 45 minutes to the racing canoes. Recreation canoes – no change.
One year, three of us paddled in a tripping canoe (recreational canoe). Our competition was a 6 man homemade rowing boat. They started ahead of us and we caught them at the finish line. They were ruled recreational. 45 minutes were added to our time because we paddled like racers.

1c. A slalom race in Rockford. The course was marked by black and white balloons. With the hot sun, the balloons popped one by one giving each boat a different course.

2a. 100 mile race on the Wabash. Water almost in flood stage for part of the race. Did it in 13 hours, Ed did it in 12:57. We celebrated with ice cream.

2b. Paddle across Illinois. 250 miles, 4 and one-half days.

3. Maybe the times we paddled in Quetico, Canada. A week of paddling in the wilderness with my family and friends was the most fun I think. See in kids – grade school and HS freshmen enjoy nature.

4a. The General Clinton Race course on the Susquehanna from Cooperstown to Bainbridge. 70 miles in a beautiful valley (and we even took 3rd place one year). Thanks Don for pulling me down the river.

4b. Juniper Creek that runs out of Juniper Springs in Florida. Winding through jungle like scenery.

Your turn = share with us.

-By Don Mueggenborg

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