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IPC Annual Meeting

IPC Annual Meeting



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  1.  Election of Officers
  2. Presentations:

Presenter:  Mike Wiant

Title: History of Illinois Rivers

Abstract:  Illinois Rivers and their usage throughout history.


Presenter:  Greg Taylor

Title:   350th anniversary of Marquette and Joliet’s expedition to find the source of the Mississippi River.


In 2023 it will have been 350 years since this monumental expedition took place.Cementing forever the value of the lower half of the North American continent we today call The United States of America to France. The original expedition opened up the lower half of North America to colonization for France and ultimately the doubling in land mass area for a fledgling country to grow and prosper, fulfilling and spurring on the current economic growth that this country has enjoyed for the last 218 years. I am organizing, leading and funding through donations,merchandise sales and grant writings the re-enactment of Jolliet and Marquette’s landmark expedition of discovery from May 17th,1673 of the Mississippi River.
There are 4 spots in two vehicles for a liason team that will shadow us on dry land in vehicles that will go ahead of us geographically to verify the town conditions for our landings for the day or evening, depending on weather and other factors.I am currently accepting applications for participants to join the crew that will be in the canoes doing the water facet of the expedition and the liaison team itself. Which is just as critical to this expedition as the voyagers are.

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