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Report Out from our 2021 Annual Meeting!

Scott Hays, President, IPC

We’re happy to report the success of last November’s IPC Annual Meeting, again held virtually for 2021. While we missed meeting together and sharing networking stories, good food, a nice location and camaraderie, meeting online certainly allows much greater participation and involvement by a much broader array of paddling enthusiasts. Our November meeting was attended by an online IPC record of 32 guests!

In addition to electing our new IPC Board of Directors and new IPC Leadership (see the articles in this Newsletter), we received outstanding presentations from Dr. Mike Wiant and Greg Taylor.

Dr. Wiant is trained in anthropology/archaeology and has 35 years of service to the Illinois State Museum & Illinois State Museum—Dickson Mounds. Mike prides himself on his explorations of the past as he works on large-scale excavations of Native American sites in the Illinois River valley. His presentation was titled: “A North American Odyssey: The Canoe Journey of Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet”. Mike provided an excellent slide show detailing the fascinating voyage of discovery of our continent’s interior that established the connection between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River and the fascinating sites along the way.

Greg Taylor is leading a re-enactment of the Marquette-Jolliet mission set to launch next fall (see Greg’s article in this month’s newsletter). After Mike’s presentation, Greg shared his exciting plans to recreate the mission with a crew as similar to the original group of adventurers as possible, and to have this group truly live, paddle, and interact with the public – and at their campsites – much as original adventurers did. It’s a bold and exciting plan, and Greg discussed his recruiting plan for his re-enactment team, including his plan for compensating the crew at least to make up for lost wages during the three-month trip. For more information, see Greg’s new website at JM350.com, as reviewed in the article in this issue.

We will have a summary of Mike’s presentation available on our website, and if you are interested in the Marquette/Jolliet re-enactment, contact Greg Taylor at jollietmarquette23@gmail.com

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