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The Jolliet Marquette 350th Expedition Website is LIVE!


By Greg Taylor, IPC Board Member

The 350th Anniversary Jolliet Marquette Expedition website is LIVE! This could be your opportunity for the chance and experience of a lifetime!

The site is jollietmarquette350.com or JM350.com.

The expedition is looking for qualified applicants between the ages of 20-40ish to participate for the duration of the expedition. This won’t be a walk in the park, but for a person who can dedicate themselves to a hoot of a time and is willing to develop their character (unless you already are one, and I want to talk to you then already), this is a very safe, well-planned, and equipped historic adventure. You will be thoroughly vetted. Make no mistake, success of journey will not be won lightly, but it is fully achievable and succeed we will!

I am looking for applicants in two categories.

First is the canoe crew –  the performers and canoe/campers using 21st century technology, but who are a 15th century, fun-loving band of like-minded souls. Crew participants will be provided with the necessary clothing and accessories that will be historic renditions of the daily lives of 1670s voyagers. Twenty-first century quality versions of course.

Second is the Liaison Crew members, the forward ground verification team. This crew will be critical to the canoe crew’s success. They will be clothed just the same as the trip re-enactors, as 15th Century French Voyagers.

Together we will be learning how to build the canoes, to cut and shape the paddles, to camp, and to paddle a 20-foot, Ojibwa style, Ralph Frese designed and engineered work of art. Along the way, we’lll be learning French paddling songs and a healthy dose of French pre-colonial North American history from one of the leading published writers of the subject in America.

Anyone willing to learn can apply. From babysitters, lawn maintenance persons, to accountants or a hedge fund manager! Anyone at all!  More info at our new website: JM350.com

What are you waiting for?

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