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Meet our New Historian/Archivist


Historian Greg Taylor impersonates Henri de Tonti, Rene-Robert Cavalier Sieur de La Salles most trusted 1st Lieutenant.

Hello All, This is Greg Taylor, your Safety and Education Director for the Northern Half of Illinois here. I have recently been elected to also serve as the IPC Historian/Archivist on the Board. With my focus on public education on the Board and my personal interest in history and the preservation of it, I thought it prudent to volunteer for this position as well. We all can learn through stories from history and it does teach us if we are willing to listen and it isn’t dry or irrelevant; two things I’m not interested in.

Since I am relatively new to this Board, four years and counting so far, I do not have a lot of background to write from to form a big picture to draw from to give back to you, our constituency. So with that stated, I am asking each and every one of you that may have hard copies, ie, paperwork, old printed newsletters, banners propaganda pins, hats, T-shirts (not overly illegible), articles and artifacts pertaining to the formation, function, of the IPC. And  to get them to me for safekeeping in one safe and secure storage environment so that they can be used to form articles for publication in our newsletter to build common knowledge of the IPC. 
I have a lot to learn about our history, policies and involvement in various activities that have guided the paths we have chosen in the past as well as our current directions. Many of you may also have questions that I may be able to answer through this new department and facet of our Newsletter. With your help with submissions of materials I will be able to enlighten us all. Any and all materials can either be sent to me or if you are local enough, picked up by me at your convenience. I thank you all ahead of our meetings and anticipate receiving many materials. Your help with this compilation is  greatly appreciated.  

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