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Paddling Safety Task Force

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Top 10 Safety List

  1. Take an on water course for safety & paddling.
  2. Wear your properly fitted lifejacket at all times on the water.
  3. Understand cold water safety.
  4. Check high water conditions prior to launching.
  5. Check weather conditions and plan accordingly.
  6. Bring water and snacks for long days on the water.
  7. Have a first aid kit and cell phone in a dry bag.
  8. Leave your itinerary with someone and estimated time off the water.
  9. Have a safety check list.
  10. Know your limits.

Top Safety Links:

American Canoe Association

American Whitewater Association  

USGS for Illinois water levels.

Weather updates across Illinois.

Safety Task Force Partners:

National Park Service, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance http://www.nps.gov/orgs/rtca/index.htm
National Park Service, National Water Trail System http://www.nps.gov/WaterTrails/Home/About


Cold Water Reminder

As the air temperatures rise, and we all want to find water to paddle, Just a quick reminder:  Cold Water can kill, not only in the Northwest where this sign was found, but right here in the Midwest. So be prepared: Wear proper clothing, a snugly fitted PFD, and always paddle with a friend – especially out on Lake Michigan.

This message brought to you by the Illinois Paddling Council, who wants to keep you safe and have a good time paddling!

Cold Water