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Paddlers Patrol


By Andy Cocallas

April 2015

Paddlers Patrol was founded in 2010 to help with on-water safety at paddling events such as the Des Plaines Marathon. Today there are currently 14 members with a variety of skills, with some trained for swift water rescue while others are specialists in flat water safety patrol.

2015 Schedule includes NYD paddle, Des Plaines Marathon, Little Calumet Clean Up, Beaubein Woods Celebration, William Tillman Academy Fest, Illinois Whitewater Festival, Fall into Wolf Lake and Ping Pong Park Event

Paddlers patrol also assisted in the recovery of a drowning victim on the Kankakee River this past spring. The victim was a motorist whose car fell into the river and was swept away. The Patrol spent a day paddling a cold and icy Kankakee River, assisting trained rescue dogs who specialize in rescue and recovery of victims.

We also are always looking to expand the paddling team and the management team. All types of skill sets can be utilized in the patrol, and participation can be as limited to assisting with just one event that may be within reasonable driving time from your home. We can even utilize the help of non paddlers on both teams (see below). If any of the positions below interest you, contact Andy Cocallas at acocallas@sbchlobal.net

Paddling Team

Class III and class IV Support: Expert paddler with rescue and recovery skills on very swift water.

Class II and class III Support: Advanced paddler with rescue and recovery skills on swift water.

Class I and class II Support: Advanced paddler with rescue and recovery skills on moving water.

Lake and Pond Support: Intermediate paddler with rescue and recovery skills on flat water.

Land Patrol Support: husbands/wives/kids/friends (assist w put in, take outs, shuttles and food/water)

Management Team

  1. President (2 yrs): Overall coordination & supervision/public face of Paddlers Patrol                                                                         
  2. President Elect (2 yrs): Stands in for President & is future President
  3. Event Coordinator (2 yrs): Coordinates events w/ event leaders
  4. Training Director (2 yrs):  Plans Training
  5. Equipment Manager (2 yrs): Inventories equipment

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