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Held at the Historic Warren Tavern (no alcohol) in Warrenville, it was a pleasant evening of a lot of canoe talk, good pizza, and an excellent program.

The business meeting:

President Tom Eckles presented a brief overview of 2019 and the IPC.

His main interest, river clean-up, had several cleanups, but high water forced cancellation of others (not only safety concerns but high water tends to clear out the trash (only to find it when the waters recede).   (ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS

The Hartman Fund was mentioned – money designated for getting canoe/kayak instructors certified.  We have money, need candidates.  It was suggested that perhaps funds could be used for school programs.

He emphasized that we could use more volunteers to help staff tables at various events during the year.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS   Same slate as this year.  Will be looking for new blood next year.  Our meetings are usually via phone conference call.  Members can join in and are encouraged to do so – contact Tom for details.

COMPETITION   High spring and fall water cancelled several races and the Des Plaines Marathon suggested paddlers not comfortable in higher, faster water take a refund.  With 4 races, a person had to race 3 in one class.

Joe Crnkovich (a racing rookie) won the kayak class  (39 out of 40 points)

Luke and Ben Josefik

Luke Josefik pulled his dad Ben down the river to win the Adult/Youth (39 out of 40 points)

Pat Faul and Steve Conlon won all their races in the Standard class

Nice going!

Joe Crnkovich


The presenter, Charlie Zine, took the challenge of paddling the length of the Fox River in one 8-day stretch. Traveling light (smallest possible sleeping shelters you ever saw), they showed pictures of where they camped, what they saw, and the river and dams they encountered.


  • Dams – There are 13 dams in Illinois that had be portaged and a few more in Wisconsin
  • Camping – Most of the land along the Fox, especially in Illinois, is private property.  There are a lack of campgrounds (they used guerrilla camping with permission.


  • They completed their challenge successfully.
  • Scenery
  • People

Way to go!

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